Breaking the Fear Cycle: How to be Disruptive in an Uncertain World presented at Security B-Sides 2011

by Michael Dahn,

Tags: Security

Summary : The global economy has shaken trust in not only corporations but entire countries. In these uncertain times it seems best to hold on to those tried and true methods. To not change; to not innovate; and most importantly - to not fail. Warren Buffet said, "Americans are in a cycle of fear which leads to people not wanting to spend and not wanting to make investments, and that leads to more fear. We\'ll break out of it. It takes time." In order to escape the hamster wheel of pain we need to break the fear cycle. We need to first know that there is another way, an easier way, a more efficient way, to achieve our goals.
Change does not come from following the pack but from breaking away. There is always a possibility of stumbling and finding a dead end, but this session will teach you how to find a better solution faster with a higher rate of success. The keys to being disruptive and successful include understanding the changes happening in the industry around you and leveraging those to catapult your company and your career into the direction you want to go.
This session will explore disruptive methods and approaches by example of Plato\'s Allegory of the Cave. By examining the reflections that changes in the world around us we can better predict the diction your industry, your company, and your career should be going.