Security *IS* a Game: Using the Blender Game Engine for Security Visualizations presented at Security B-Sides 2011

by Jeff Bryner,

Tags: Security

Summary : " is a great resource for security visualizations but most suffer from a lack of interactivity. Completing kinectasploit for DEFCON19 made me realize the utility of game engines for interacting with security tools and security information.
The session will start with a recap/encore performance of kinectasploit ( ) using gestures to drive a first person shooter 3D game environment to gain meterpreter sessions on victim VMs. Then using the same technology I'll walk through a couple scenes using standard corporate security data in a 3D, kinect-driven environment made possible by the blender game engine.
Attendees will take away real code they can use to integrate kinect into the blender game engine, working scenes using standard corporate security data and hopefully an urge to expand the code to include additional scenes/data that they feel are useful. Let the security visualization revolution begin! (Demo Gods be willing)."