Fus Ro Dah! presented at Security B-Sides London 2012

by Christopher Boyd,

Tags: Security

Summary : In-game advertising is becoming more visible (and in some cases, more intrusive) in the world of console, PC and mobile gaming. In many cases, disclosure related to what\'s happening with your PII is as bad (if not worse) than the poor practices of the Adware industry prior to clean ups brought about by the FTC and the NYAG.
Where is your data going? What are you consenting to when installing that "free" app? Which advertising networks are serving you "relevant" targeted advertising while playing the latest FPS?
From the first in game ad from 1978 to the present day where as many as 40+ EULAs compete for your attention while installing a free game, this presentation will look at the history, development and current state of in game advertising and how it affects anybody wanting to simply play a game on their PC, console or phone.
If you want to know why console users now use Hosts files to block adverts, understand the difference between static and dynamic advertising, see examples from the history of in-game promotions, learn some of the tricks used to ensure gamers view adverts in gaming sessions and explore the possible directions in game advertising could take then this is the talk for you.