Cyberwar 4-G - aka The Coming Smart Phone Wars presented at InfoSec SouthWest 2012

by Winn Schwartau,

Tags: Security

Summary : What do governments, agencies, critical infrastructures and cyber-commands do when it has 2 billion more potential targets to shoot at and defend against in a period of four years? Or what about in 2020 when there may be as many as 20 billion new intelligent endpoints?
More than 20 years ago a number of us were warning allied governments and defense organizations about a number of key developments.
Class I Information Warfare: The loss of privacy and Identity Theft
Class II: Private espionage and organized cybercrime
Class III: Nation-state, NGO and terrorist use of Internet technologies as offensive weapons.
We were ignored. Defense groups said, "if it doesn\'t explode, it\'s not ours," and Congress said, "why would a criminal or terrorist ever want to use the Internet...?"
Now we know. And here it comes again.