More Fun Using Kautilya or Is It a Thumb Drive? Is It a Toy? No, Its a Keyboard presented at TROOPERS 2012

by Nikhil Mittal,

Tags: Security

Summary : How many non-traditional methods you use to get into systems? How about having some more fun while getting into the systems and also making profit out of it? Let us increase the awesomeness of our Penetration tests and start using Human Interface Devices such as Teensy in the pwnage trade.
The tool for the trade for this talk will be Kautilya. Kautilya is a toolkit which can be used to perform various pre-exploitation and post-exploitation activities. Kautilya aims on easing the use of attack vectors which traditionally require human intervention but can be automated using Teensy. Kautilya contains some nice customizable payloads which may be used for enumeration, info gathering, disabling countermeasures, keylogging and using Operating System against itself for much more. The talk will be full of live demonstrations.
An updated version of Kautilya will be released at TROOPERS that includes a number of previously unseen Linux payloads.