Rise of the Planet of the Anonymous presented at OWASP AppSecAsiaPac 2012

by Errazudin Ishak,

Tags: Security

Summary : "Welcome to Planet of the Anonymous. Where all system wranglers from every inch of Planet Earth really hate(or love?) them. The abominable avenger hacker group Anonymous has become in many parts of the world as the modern-day Robin Hood of the Internet. Their approach of stealing from the rich however is to strike hard at websites of anyone they see as cruel of freedom of speech and freedom of information. Their notorious hacktivism feats since 2008 can be list down, involving Project Chanology, Playstation Network, Bay Area Rapit Transit, Operation Payback, Wall Street, Darknet and many more. There are some good and bad points with Anonymous existence. The main good thing among others is, they have brought up the level of awareness for web application security at every possible level. This talk will discuss about web application security audit, things that you can look at to beef up extra security to your apps and why a lowly application security scanner based approach doesn't help that much."