Testing from the Cloud: Is the Sky Falling? presented at OWASP AppSecAsiaPac 2012

by Matt Tesauro,

Tags: Security

Summary : "More and more IT is being moved to the cloud, why shouldn't your testing move there too? This talk will cover what it takes to take your testing tools from your laptop to the cloud using new features of the OWASP Web Testing Environment (WTE). WTE allows you to create custom installations of application security tools in the cloud on demand. Has your IP been shunned? No problem, kill that cloud instance and startup another. Is your life as mobile as your phone? No problem, a laptop + Internet = access to all your favorite tools from anywhere. Multiple clients? No problem, start an an instance for each one. By the end of this talk, you'll know all you need to fire up an cloud instance with all of your favorite tools and start having fun."