Spear Phishing: The truth behind Night Dragon, Aurora, and APT presented at Central Ohio InfoSec Summit 2012

by Rohyt Belani,

Tags: Security

Summary : This presentation will discuss the evolution of phishing from being a means of stealing user identities to becoming a mainstay of organized crime. Today, phishing is a key component in a "hackers" repertoire. It has been used to hijack online brokerage accounts to aid pump n\' dump stock scams, compromise government networks, sabotage defense contracts, steal proprietary information on oil contracts worth billions, and break into the world\'s largest technology companies to compromise their intellectual property. During this talk, I will present the techniques used by attackers to execute these attacks, and real-world cases that my team have responded to that will provide perspective on the impact. I will then discuss countermeasures that have been proven to be effective and are recommended by reputed bodies like SANS and Carnegie Mellon University.