The Cloud presented at Central Ohio InfoSec Summit 2012

by Steve Ocepek,

Tags: Security

Summary : "The Cloud is here to stay, but like any new technology it has its own unique set of security concerns. The obvious ones -- easier access to data, transfer of data to third parties -- have been fairly well covered,but as this solution matures we're finding surprising issues that urge an even more cautious approach. This presentation includes real-world findings uncovered by Trustwave's Incident Response and Application Security teams that remind us that The Cloud changes everything, especially when things go wrong. In addition we'll take a hard look at Cloud infrastructures themselves, their potential weak points, and discuss strategies for choosing a secure Cloud provider. An innovative network security expert with an entrepreneurial spirit, Steve Ocepek has been a driving force in pioneering Network Access Control (NAC) technologies delivering comprehensive endpoint control for mitigation of zero attacks, policy enforcement, and access management, for which he has been awarded 4 patents with 1 patent pending."