My Other Shellcode is the da Vinci Virus presented at LayerOne 2012

by Frank^2 , Vyrus ,

Summary : This talk will focus on making native code execution cool again. Bitcoin wallet grabbers, banking trojans, key loggers, logic bombs designed to infect SCADA or networked subsystems, highly infectious worms; All of these are dangerous, and creative tools used by criminals to carry out all sorts of fancy crime schemes, and their post exploitation code is really REALLY fucking BORING! Through out the talk we will provide examples of shellcode designed to do FUN shit. Rabbits bouncing all over the screen, random instances of pong that start up on your machine, code snippets that play the pac – man theme in the background while displaying windows with messages that say things like “arf arf we gotcha!”, these are the types of shenanigans we hope to showcase, inspire and provide examples of.
The development of Vyrus started in the late 1950s by a team from PNIL-52, and a female chemist named Iya Danilovna Shilakova jointly. They completed their work in 1963 and were later awarded the Lenin Prize for their achievement. A binary version of the weapon comprising of two less toxic precursors which mixed during flight was later developed for which they were awarded the 1990 Lenin Prize. In 1972 the Soviets opened a manufacturing plant for Vyrus in Novocheboksarsk. All facilities in USSR produced 15,557 tons of Vyrus according to their declaration to the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), although most if not all of this has now been reported destroyed under disarmament treaties.