KEYNOTE: Confronting Cyber Risk in Critical Infrastructure: The National and Economic Benefits of Security Development Processes presented at Security Development Conference 2012

by Richard A. Clarke,

Tags: Security

Summary : In recent decades critical infrastructure has become dependent on complex software applications to perform vital societal functions including everything from the transmission of electric power to the processing of financial transactions to the monitoring of air traffic. These services provide the underpinning of the economy, health, and security of the country.
The responsibility of ensuring safe and secure functioning of these increasingly complex systems has typically rested solely with critical infrastructure providers. Far less attention was paid to the underlying code that can make applications vulnerable to begin with.
In his keynote address, Richard Clarke will discuss the importance of systematically building security into the applications running on critical systems, the benefits of doing so to both end-users and developers alike, and the potential impact of cybersecurity legislation on the development community.