Managing Security in the Mobile World presented at Vancouver CISO Executive Summit 2012

by Steve Biswanger, Larry Carson, Jo-ann Smith, Michael Leung,

Summary : The explosion of mobile device technology and the signifi cant business opportunities they provide, have CISOs working in overdrive. All too often, attempts to restrict the usage of personalized devices fl y out the window as soon as an executive brings their personal tablet to work. Like email and the internet before it, mobility is now pervasive throughout the corporate world. While the possibilities that these devices and technologies afford appear to be increasing at an exponential rate, so too, are the user-endpoints, creating an endlessly complex environment for CISOs to manage let alone, secure. Join Steve Biswanger, Larry Carson, Jo-Ann Smith and moderator Michael Leung as they discuss the present and future challenges of managing and securing mobilized devices and how leveraging your mobile security strategy can expand your role as a business leader.