Usb Autorun Attacks Against Linux presented at ShmooCon 2011

by Jon Larimer,

Tags: Security Access Exploitation Malware


Summary : Many people think that Linux is immune to the type of Autorun attacks that have plagued Windows systems with malware over the years. However, there have been many advances in the usability of Linux as a desktop OS - including the addition of features that can allow Autorun attacks. In this presentation, I'll explain how attackers can abuse these features to gain access to a live system by using a USB flash drive. I'll also show how USB as an exploitation platform can allow for easy bypass of protection mechanisms like ASLR and how these attacks can provide a level of access that other physical attack methods do not. The talk will conclude with steps that Linux vendors and end-users can take to protect systems from this threat to head off a wave of Linux Autorun malware.

Jon Larimer: Jon Larimer is a senior researcher on IBM's X-Force Advanced Research team. Jon has been working in the security industry for over 12 years at companies including Internet Security Systems, nCircle Network Security, and now IBM. He has been involved in an array of security fields such as penetration testing, vulnerability research, security software development, and malware analysis.