Fighting Anonymous in Tunisia presented at Positive Hack Days 2012

by Haythem el Mir,

Tags: Anonymous


Summary : "The Tunisian revolution was a favorable environment for the development of groups such as Anonymous. Since their operation of Tunisian in January 2011 to help Tunisian activist to denounce the corrupted regime, Anonymous did not stop to fascinate young Tunisian who saw Anonymous' as a symbol of freedom and openness; Anonymous spirit was considered like the legend of Zorro or that of Robins Wood. The Tunisian Anonymous mushroomed, to reach a stage of being considered as a serious threat.
On the other hand, the Tunisian authorities used to prepare a cyber-defense strategy to face Anonymous threats and waves of attack. The Tunisian Computer Emergency Response Team (tunCERT) and the National Network for Cyberspace Protection used to be the main tools to stop Anonymous. The presentation will give an overview on Anonymous threat and attacks and the tunCERT approach to fight Anonymous."