How many bricks does it take to crack a microcell? presented at BlackHat USA 2012

by Mathew Rowley,

Tags: Hardware Hacking Embedded Microcell

Summary : This is a tale of a journey that tested almost every security related skill I have acquired over the past six years. It is a story of a software hackers trip through a hardware hackers world; a story of successes, failures, logic flaws and learning.
This talk is my adventure through reverse engineering a 3G microcell. It will cover topics from hardware hacking, kernel reversing, firmware extraction and manipulation, software reversing, networking, memory forensics, social engineering, and more. I have gained a wealth of knowledge going through the process of completely pulling apart this device and want to share my trial and errors. The talk covers such a broad spectrum of topics with differential depths that anyone attending should obtain some knowledge they previously did not have.