Before, During, and After presented at DEF CON 20

by Gail Thackeray, Jason Scott, Dead ,

Summary : As you may have heard, in honor of our 20th
anniversary, we have a DEF CON Documentary
in the making by none other than Jason Scott
of! At the beginning of this hour
he will give you a quick sneak peek of the film
and maybe discuss a few juicy tidbits!
Twenty years ago, Dead Addict practically begged
Gail Thackeray to appear at DEF CON, even
though she was actively prosecuting several of
his close friends. Since then the government (law
enforcement, military, and intelligence community)
has actively participated in DEF CON; to the point
where weve been given the moniker FED CON.
Dead Addict will discuss the evolving relationship
between government, the hacker community, and
the civil liberties community. While obviously at
odds with each other in some areas, there is also
shared ground between these groups. This year
he was happy to be able invite Gail again, this
time not begging as much, and thankfully she isnt
prosecuting any of his friends.
When Gail first spoke at DEF CON 1 there was
no world wide web, state sponsored computer
warfare was the stuff of science fiction, and
international mafias had yet to become major
players in computer crime.Internationally known
for her role in Operation Sundevil, the former
prosecuting attorney will discuss the changes
in the computer security legal landscape since
she first spoke at DEF CON. She will also discuss
the evolution of the relationship between
the computer security researcher community
and law enforcement and government.