<GHZ or bust: DEF CON presented at DEF CON 20

by Atlas ,

Tags: Security

Summary : Wifi is cool and so is cellular, but the real fun
stuff happens below the GHz line. Medical
systems, mfg plant/industrial systems, cell
phones, power systems, its all in there!
atlas and some friends set out to turn pink
girltech toys into power-systems-attack
tools. Through several turns and changes,
the cc1111usb project was born, specifically to
make attacking these systems easier for all
of you. With a $50 USB dongle, the world of
ISM sub-GHz is literally at your fingertips.
New and improved! If you missed it at shmoocon,
heres your chance to see the intro to this fun
new world. If you caught it at shmoo, come
to the talk and prove your <ghz prowess and
wirelessly hack a special pink girls toy target!