Exploit Archaeology: Raiders of the Lost Payphones presented at DEF CON 20

by Josh ( savant ) Brashars,

Tags: Security

Summary : Payphones. Remember those? They used
to be a cornerstone of modern civilation,
available at every street corner, gas station, or
any general place of commerce. For decades,
hackers and phone phreaks crowded around
them as an altar to high technology and a
means to reach out and touch someone.
Fast forward to today, most people have mobile
phones. Payphones installed decades earlier
are now more of a memorial to a time long gone
by. Covered with grime and graffitti, forgotten,
relegated to the realm of drug dealers and
other undesirables. But theyre still around,
and theyre more vulnerable than ever.
This talk will review modern hacking techniques
applied to retro hardware. Well cover owning
payphones and how they can be retrofitted with
new technologies to turn them into the ultimate
low profile hacking platform to compromise your
organizations network. There will be demos of
payphone hacking on stage, as well as using
the payphone to intercept voice phone traffic.
Well also reveal a new tool to automate the
exploitation of payphones and relate how (like
with all forms of archaelogoy) learning about old
platforms can help us secure modern architecture.