Tenacious Diggity: Skinny Dippin in a Sea of Bing presented at DEF CON 20

by Rob Ragan, Francis Brown,

Summary : All brand new tool additions to the Google
Hacking Diggity Project The Next Generation
Search Engine Hacking Arsenal. As always,
all tools are free for download and use.
When last we saw our heroes, the Diggity Duo had
demonstrated how search engine hacking could
be used to take over someones Amazon cloud in
less than 30 seconds, build out an attack profile of
the Chinese governments external networks, and
even download all of an organizations Internet
facing documents and mine them for passwords
and secrets. Google and Bing were forced to hug it
out, as their services were seamlessly combined to
identify which of the most popular websites on the
Internet were unwittingly being used as malware
distribution platforms against their own end-users.
Now, weve traveled through space and time,
my friend, to rock this house again...
True to form, the legendary duo have toiled night
and day in the studio (a one room apartment
with no air conditioning) to bring you an entirely
new search engine hacking tool arsenal thats
packed with so much tiger blood and awesome-
sauce, that its banned on 6 continents. Many
of these new Diggity tools are also fueled by
the power of the cloud and provide you with
vulnerability data faster and easier than ever
thanks to the convenience of mobile applications