Bad (and Sometimes Good) Tech Policy: Its Not Just a DC Thing presented at DEF CON 20

by Chris Conley,

Tags: Security

Summary : Efforts at the federal level to pass laws like SOPA
and CISPA and require that tech companies build
backdoors into their services for law enforcement
use have attacted widespread attention and
criticism, and rightly so. But DC is far from the
only place that officials are making decisions
that impact the privacy and free speech rights of
tech users. State and local officials are jumping
into the fray as well, passing laws or creating
policies that have immediate impact without
the spotlight that accompanies federal action.
In this talk, I will survey several areas where
state and local officials have recently been
active, including warrantless location tracking,
searches of student and employee devices
and online accounts, automated license plate
recognition, and DNA collection. I will highlight
some of the best and worst policies coming
from state and local officials. Most of all, I hope
to convince you that keeping an eye on and
even taking time to educate your local sheriff
or state legislature may be just as important as
protecting your freedoms at the national level.