Life Inside a Skinner Box: Confronting our Future of Automated Law Enforcement presented at DEF CON 20

by Greg Conti, Lisa Shay,

Summary : From smart pajamas that monitor our sleep
patterns to mandatory black boxes in cars to
smart trash carts that divulge recycling violations
in Cleveland, virtually every aspect of our lives
is becoming instrumented and increasingly
connected to law enforcement, government, and
private entities. At the same time, these entities are
incentivized to further collect, process, and punish
in the name of financial advantage, public safety, or
security. The trend of automated law enforcement
is inescapable and touches every citizen. This
talk will explore the implications of automated
law enforcement, study the incentives at play,
survey recent advances in sensing and surveillance
technology, and will seek to answer the following
questions and more. Were laws written with the
idea of universal and perfect enforcement in mind?