World War 3.0: Chaos, Control & the Battle for the Net presented at DEF CON 20

by Rod Beckstrom, Joshua Corman, Jeff ( Dark Tangent ) Moss, Dan Kaminsky, Michael joseph Gross,

Summary : There is a battle under way for control of the
Internet. Some see it as a fight between forces
of Order (who want to superimpose existing,
pre-digital power structures and their notions
of privacy, intellectual property, security, and
sovereignty onto the Net) and forces of Disorder
(who want to abandon those old structures and let
the will of the crowd control a new global culture).
Yet this binary view of the conflict excludes the
characters with the best chance of resolving it:
those who know that control is impossible and
chaos is untenable, a group that Vanity Fair, in an
article called World War 3.o, called the forces
of Organized Chaos. This panel gathers leading
proponents of that worldview to discuss urgent
issues of Internet governance, which may come
to a head later this year in a Dubai meeting of the
U.N.s International Telecommunications Union. If
government control and anarchistic chaos online
are unacceptable, what exactly do the forces
of organized chaos propose as an alternative?
And what is the DEF CON communitys role
in helping to realize that vision of the Net?