Embedded Device Firmware Vulnerability Hunting Using FRAK, the Firmware Reverse Analysis Konsole presented at DEF CON 20

by Ang Cui,

Tags: Security

Summary : We present FRAK, the firmware reverse analysis
konsole. FRAK is a framework for unpacking,
analyzing, modifying and repacking the firmware
images of proprietary embedded devices. The
FRAK framework provides a programmatic
environment for the analysis of arbitrary embedded
device firmware as well as an interactive
environment for the disassembly, manipulation
and re-assembly of such binary images.
We demonstrate the automated analysis of
Cisco IOS, Cisco IP phone and HP LaserJet printer
firmware images. We show how FRAK can integrate
with existing vulnerability analysis tools to
automate bug hunting for embedded devices. We
also demonstrate how FRAK can be used to inject
experimental host-based defenses into proprietary
devices like Cisco routers and HP printers.