Looking Into The Eye Of The Meter presented at DEF CON 20

by Cutaway ,

Tags: Security

Summary : When you look at a Smart Meter, it practically
winks at you. Their Optical Port calls to you. It
calls to criminals as well. But how do criminals
interact with it? We will show you how they look
into the eye of the meter. More specifically, this
presentation will show how criminals gather
information from meters to do their dirty work.
From quick memory acquisition techniques to more
complex hardware bus sniffing, the techniques
outlined in this presentation will show how
authentication credentials are acquired. Finally, a
method for interacting with a meters IR port will be
introduced to show that vendor specific software
is not necessary to poke a meter in the eye.
This IS the talk that was not presented at
ShmooCon 2012 in response to requests from
a Smart Grid vendor and the concerns of
several utilities. We have worked with them.
They should be okay with this.....should.....