Hacking Humanity: Human Augmentation and You presented at DEF CON 20

by Christian quaddi Dameff, Jeff r3plicant Tully,

Summary : Youve played Deus Ex. Youve seen Robocop.
Youve read Neuromancer. Youve maybe even
wondered just what dark mix of technology
and black magic keeps the withered heart
of Richard Dick Cheney pumping coronary
after coronary. Now its time to get off the
couch and put down the controller. Human
augmentation is no longer constrained to the
world of speculative fiction and vice-presidential
medicine; biomechanical interfaces are an
exploding area of active research, development,
and implementation. And theyre here to stay.
Join medical student/hacker enthusiasts quaddi
and r3plicant for a fun-filled tour through the
brave new world of the latest and greatest in this
exciting new melding of medicine and technology.
From the simplest insulin pump to the latest
gyroscopic prosthesis for wounded veterans,
from the full body DARPA developed exoskeleton
of the future to the changes currently being
implemented in our most fundamental building
blocks, this talk explores what was, what is and
what will be in the future of human augmentation,
and more importantly, what you need to know
to get started down the path to Robocop glory.