Connected Chaos: Evolving the DCG/Hackspace Communication Landscape presented at DEF CON 20

by Nick Farr, Dave Marcus, Anarchy Angel, Anch , Blakdayz ,

Summary : As hackers, we have access to tremendous
informational power. At our individual
hackerspaces and DCGs we build communities
of like minded hackers that push the
limits of technology. But have we gone
far enough in building a global hacking
community that celebrates diversity and
unleashes world-changing genius?
We can accelerate the opportunity for community
and change through technology. Take a seat and
hear what resources are available to the groups
and hackspaces in your area. By connecting
our chaos, we can transcend the isolation
and polarization that dominates much of our
communities. We can unite and empower. Join
the discussion and chaos so we can evolve
the way our community will be connected.
How do you change the world? One connected
hacker, hackerspace and DCG at a time.