The Paparazzi Platform: Flexible, Open-Source, UAS Software and Hardware presented at DEF CON 20

by Esden , Dotaero , Misterj , Cifo ,

Summary : This presentation introduces the Paparazzi
framework, an Open-Source (GPL3 and OSHW
CC-by-SA) software and hardware robotics
platform focused on Unmanned Aerial Systems
(UASes). Paparazzis power and flexibility
enable rapid development and robust control of
diverse vehicle types from fixed-wing airplanes
to multicopters and transitioning aircraft
while its open nature permit customization
and integration with other systems.
We show the capabilities of the platform and
some achievements from all around the world
with this platform. We also will show what we
are working on and introduce it to the public.
What will you do with that powerful tool?
The Paparazzi autopilots, a multicopter,
and the Quadshot a VTOL, multirotor,
transitioning flying wing are presented.