Post-Exploitation Nirvana: Launching OpenDLP Agents over Meterpreter Sessions presented at DEF CON 20

by Andrew Gavin, Michael Baucom, Charles Smith,

Summary : OpenDLP is a free and open source agent-
based data discovery tool that works against
Microsoft Windows systems using appropriate
authentication credentials. However, one drawback
to OpenDLP is that its policy-driven approach
makes it arduous to scan disjointed systems
that are not part of a Windows domain or do
not share the same authentication credentials.
To fix this, OpenDLP can now launch its agents
over Meterpreter sessions using Metasploit
RPC without requiring domain credentials.

Andrew Gavin: Andrew Gavin, creator of OpenDLP, is an information security consultant with more than ten years of experience in security assessments of networks and applications. He has consulted for numerous customers in various industries around the world.