SCADA Strangelove or: How I Learned to Start Worrying and Love the Nuclear Plants presented at DEF CON 20

by Sergey Gordeychik, Denis Baranov,

Summary : Modern civilization unconditionally depends on
information systems. It is paradoxical but true that
SCADA systems are the most insecure systems in
the world. From network to application, SCADA
is full of configuration issues and vulnerabilities.
During our report, we will demonstrate
how to obtain full access to a plant via:
a sniffer and a packet generator
FTP and Telnet
Metasploit and oslq
a webserver and a browser
About 20 new vulnerabilities in common
SCADA systems including Simatic
WinCC will be revealed in the report
modbuspatrol (mbpatrol) free tool
to discover and fingerprint PLC
Simatic WinCC security checklist
close to real-life exploit scenario for
a Simatic WinCC based plant.