Hacking Measured Boot and UEFI presented at DEF CON 20

by Dan Griffin,

Tags: Security

Summary : Theres been a lot buzz about UEFI Secure
Booting, and the ability of hardware and
software manufacturers to lock out third-party
loaders (and rootkits). Even the NSA has been
advocating the adoption of measured boot
and hardware-based integrity checks. But what
does this trend mean to the open source and
hacker communities? In this talk Ill demonstrate
measured boot in action. Ill also be releasing my
new Measured Boot Tool which allows you to
view Trusted Platform Module (TPM) boot data
and identify risks such as unsigned early-boot
drivers. And, Ill demonstrate how measured
boot is used for remote device authentication.
Finally, Ill discuss weaknesses in the system
(hint: bootstrapping trust is still hard), what
this technology means to the consumerization
trend in IT, and what software and services gaps
exist in this space for aspiring entrepreneurs.