DDoS Black and White Kungfu Revealed presented at DEF CON 20

by Anthony ( darkfloyd ) Lai, Tony mt Miu, Kelvin captain Wong, Alan avenir Chung,

Summary : Enterprises currently dump millions of bucks to
defense against DDoS, some trading firms here
are paying for fear to the DDoS attack from China
about 5K to 100K USD per day and InfoSec teams
believe their solutions are perfect already.
Are those controls effective and unbreakable?
In the first part of the presentation, we would
like to show our studies and carry out over 10
types of DDoS test against various big firms and
organizations to see whether their defense is
effective, showing how stupid and smart they are.
Various interesting case studies will be briefed :)
In the second part of the presentation, we
will detail our proposed defense model to
against Application-Level attacks. We have
already checked with other vendors and
researchers about our model, it is still not
yet deployed and hopefully we could put this
as an open source project in the future.)