NFC Hacking: The Easy Way presented at DEF CON 20

by Eddie Lee,

Tags: Security

Summary : Until now, getting into NFC/RFID hacking required
enthusiasts to buy special hardware and learn
about the underlying transfer protocols. No longer!
NFCProxy is a new tool (being released at DEF CON
20) that allows you to proxy RFID transactions
using Android phones. NFCProxy can record and
replay RFID transactions from the perspective of
the tag or the PCD (proximity coupling device).
NFCProxy is an open source tool/framework that
can be used to analyze 13.56?MHz RFID protocols
and launch replay (and potentially man in the
middle) attacks. You can even use NFCProxy as
a virtual wallet by storing previously scanned
RFID enabled credit cards and replaying them
later at a POS (point of sale) terminal. No fancy
equipment neededjust two NFC capable Android
phones running ICS (one with a custom rom).
Owning RFID enabled credit cards just got easier!