OPFOR 4EVER presented at DEF CON 20

by Christopher E. Pogue, Tim Maletic,

Summary : Training utilizing Opposing Forces, or OPFOR,
is an exercise focused on improving detection
and response through the principle of train as
you fight. We will demonstrate how we have
applied OPFOR to build a continuous feedback
loop between penetration testing and incident
response. In OPFOR 4Ever, the defense trains the
offense just as much as the offense trains the
defense, and the exercise has no end date. Come
see us demonstrate some attacks as seen from
the point of view of the defender as well as the
attacker. You can then watch the replay as we
use OPFOR principles to evolve these attacks to
a form more suitable for real-world penetration
testing, pentesting that strives to better simulate
what blackhats actually do. This of course raises
the bar for incident responders. Evolve or die.