DEF CON Comedy Jam V, V for Vendetta presented at DEF CON 20

by James Arlen, David Maynor, David Mortman, Rich Mogull, Chris Hoff, Larry Pesce,

Summary : You know you cant stay away! The most talked
about panel at DEF CON! Nearly two hours
of non-stop FAIL. Come hear some of the
loudest mouths in the industry talk about the
epic security failures of the last year. So much
fail, youll need the food cooked on stage to
survive. Nothing is sacred not even each other.
This years fail includes cloud, mobile and apt
to name just a few topics. If thats not enough,
well also be making crepes on stage. Over the
last two years, weve raised over $1,500 for the
EFF, lets see how much we can do this year...