Making Sense of Static New Tools for Hacking GPS presented at DEF CON 20

by Fergus Noble, Colin Beighley,

Summary : Current GPS receivers found in mobile phones
etc. are capable of about 5m accuracy but
high-end receivers costing thousands can get
this down to centimeters just using some more
sophisticated algorithms and processing. This
really opens up a lot of opportunities for UAVs
and Quadcopters (and other applications we
havent even thought of what would you use
it for?) and we would like to see this level of
performance available in an open-source system.
We have developed and would like to share with
you a new set of tools which we hope will make
GPS accessible to hackers and experimenters;
a library, libswiftnav, which contains a complete
toolset for building a GPS receiver, and Piksi,
a stand-alone hardware platform to run it on.
The prototype is already very capable we
cant wait to see what you can come up with.