MegaUpload: Guilty or Not Guilty? presented at DEF CON 20

by Jennifer Granick, Jim Rennie,

Summary : On January 19, 2012, Kim DotCom was arrested
in a dramatic raid after being indicted on
federal criminal charges that he knew that his
website, MegaUpload, was a haven of piracy and
counterfeiting. In the days that followed, the media
commented on the presumed guilt of MegaUpload.
In this debate, Jim argues that the law and
evidence clearly point to MegaUploads officers
being found guilty, while Jennifer will argue that
the MegaUpload case is built on unprecedented
and wrongheaded interpretations of copyright
law, and thus the principles should be found not
guilty. The debate will concentrate on the charges
of conspiracy to commit copyright infringement
and aiding & abetting copyright infringement.
After the arguments and rebuttals, the audience
will vote and decide the fate of MegaUpload.