Twenty Years Back, Twenty Years Ahead: The Arc of DEF CON Past and Future presented at DEF CON 20

by Richard Thieme,

Tags: Security

Summary : Thiemes keynote at DEF CON 4 for a few
hundred people was Hacking as Practice for
Trans-planetary Life in the 21st Century. Mudge
recently said, Some of us knew what you
meant, and some of us thought you were nuts.
Thats likely to be the response to this talk too.
Thieme addresses what he said 17 cons ago, why
it was true, and illuminates some likely futures
for hacking and hackers, anonymous 2.0.1, and
the gray space of the noir world in which one is
deemed a criminal, not because of what one
does, but according to who one does it for.
Identity, in short, is destiny. More than ever,
identity is a choice, modular and fluid.
Mudge was with the l0pht then, now hes
with DARPA. Jeff Moss was an entrepreneurial
hacker, nows hes with Homeland Defense.
Too many to name work in agencies or
stateless names and nameless states,
fulfilling the vision of Thiemes first speech.
But that was then. Whats likely to be next?