Safes and Containers: Insecurity Design Excellence presented at DEF CON 20

by Marc Weber Tobias, Tobias Bluzmanis, Matt Fiddler,

Summary : Insecure designs in physical security locks, safes,
and other products have consequences in terms
of security, liability, and even loss of life. Marc
Weber Tobias and his colleagues Tobias Bluzmanis
and Matthew Fiddler will discuss a number of
cases involving design issues that allow locks
and safes to be opened in seconds, focusing on
consumer-level containers that are specified as
secure for storing valuables and weapons, and
in-room hotel safes that travelers rely upon.
In one instance, the insecurity of a consumer gun
safe that is sold by major retailers in the United
States played a part in the death of a three year old
child who was able to gain access to a handgun
that was locked in a supposedly secure container.
The presenters will demonstrate different
product designs that were represented
as secure but in fact are not.