The DCWG Debriefing How the FBI Grabbed a Bot and Saved the Internet presented at DEF CON 20

by Paul A. Vixie, Andrew Fried,

Summary : Shodan is commonly known for allowing users
to search for banners displayed by a short list of
services available over the internet. Shodan can
quite easily be used for searching the internet for
potentially vulnerable services to exploit, but its
also a powerful defensive posturing tool as well as
the first step in aggregating wide scopes of data
for mining. Everyone knows routers, switches and
servers are connected to the internet but what
else is out there? Has anybody even looked? I
suspect people stop after the popular searches
and forego whats left. Did you know there are
hydrogen fuel cells attached to the internet? Some
of my findings were pretty surprising, and these
discoveries are an excellent metric for identifying
how successful our security campaigns as an
industry are. Its a way to measure our success
as a whole, by scanning the entire internet.