Crimeware Tools and Techniques of 2012: Past, Present, and Future presented at HOPE 9

by Alexander Heid,

Tags: Security

Summary : Much has evolved in the brief 24 months that have passed since the last presentation on this topic, which included a comprehensive overview of the Zeus and SpyEye trojans, popular exploits being used in the wild, and cash out methodologies of the digital crime actors at the time. Today, new digital currencies have emerged, vulnerabilities in popular crimeware kits have been made public, black market credit card trades have become automated, popular crime forums have been hacked and dumped, and the industry based around digital crime analysis and counterintelligence has grown exponentially. In spite of recent arrests of a few individuals, malicious actors are still numerous and able to keep ahead of the law by adapting to the changing environment and hardening their operations. This presentation will go over these developments, as well as the latest digital crime tools, techniques, and methodologies that are currently in use during the present day. The talk will also assess where the current trends will be heading in the future.