State of web app sec presented at ToorCamp 2012

by Robert R,

Tags: Security

Summary : I will drop the details on the mirade of web based attacks we monitor on our network, sort of a "state of web security" talk. DreamHost hosts 1 million+ domains and tracks around 100,000 attacks per day, needless to say, the sample of data provided should be acceptably accurate.
The data will be provided using statistical data of logged attacks against our network and customer\'s sites. This will provide the audience with a knowledge of how severe a new exploit in their code can quickly become, as well as details on what types of attacks are popular with malicious parties.
If there is time, I think the crowd would also enjoy a detailed dissection of a handful of common backdoors we see on our network (of course choosing the most unique and interesting backdoors we encounter.) This is not to help the audience on how to design backdoors, but instead provides a basic overview of these attacker\'s knowledge and intent (why the bad guys do the things they do.)