It's All About the Risk(amins) presented at UNITED Security Summit 2012

by Ward Holloway,

Tags: Security

Summary : Entrepreneur and philosopher Puff Daddy once noted that in business and life, "It\'s all about the Benjamin\'s". When it comes to ensuring the security of our networks, it is all about risk. All organizations, regardless of size, have limited resources when it comes to security. Trying to protect and secure a network within this limited resource paradigm is tough. Yet too many organizations still practice reactive security, and don\'t focus on the only question that matters and will enable them to prioritize their remediation efforts: what assets are truly at risk? This session will examine what is involved in moving to an operationalized risk management model, including vulnerability scans, device configurations, visualized attack paths, automated penetration testing, security intelligence and application / database vulnerabilities, and how this model enables security practitioners to focus on and remediate those assets that are truly at risk.