KEYNOTE: Infosec at Ludicrous Speed: Rugged DevOps and More... presented at AppSecUSA 2012

by Gene H. Kim,

Tags: Security

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Information security is rightly afraid of being marginalized: it has already happened. With the advent of cloud, the velocity of change is breathtaking: while most IT struggle with monthly releases, agile IT businesses routinely conjure thousands of AWS servers, performing over 10 deploys per day. This agility and cost-savings delights the business. And with good reason, it terrifies security.In this talk, Ill presenting key findings of my 10 years of research of high performing IT operations and security organizations, and my more recent research on the DevOps movement. Ill talk about why I believe DevOps is so important to addressing the dysfunctional marriage between IT and the business, and what security must do to survive and thrive in this new regime.