Gauntlt: Rugged by Example presented at AppSecUSA 2012

by Jeremiah Shirk, Mani Tadayon, James Wickett,

Summary : "Be Mean to Your Code" is the concept behind the ruggedization framework called Gauntlt (pronounced like gauntlet) which aims to bring the benefits of Behaviour Driven Development to the realms of automated security testing, application hardening and ruggedization. Gauntlt is an open source ruggedization framework using cucumber and written in ruby. Gauntlt has been developed in collaboration with Netflix to fulfill the role of the "Security Monkey" in their Simian Army--most popularly known for the Chaos Monkey.
Gauntlt is meant to be used by security experts with interest in automation as well as developers with interest in security. It can be used to deliver the results of a security audit or penetration test via failing gauntlt attacks (tests) which can in turn be added to the continuous delivery test suite. Developers know when they have resolved a particular vulnerability when gauntlt no longer reports a failure. Gauntlt can be used in regression tests to detect when a previously resolved vulnerability has been re-introduced.
The creators of Gauntlt, James Wickett, Mani Tadayon and Roy Rapoport, will talk about the history of the project, current roadmap and the planned security testing tools being added to Gauntlt. As part of this talk we will do a hands on demo where we will walk the audience through getting started using gauntlt pre-built attacks and then move to writing their own gauntlt attacks. Come find out how to start being "rugged by example" and how to get started with Gauntlt.
Note: Jeremiah Shirk is filling in for Roy Rapoport.