Builders Vs. Breakers presented at AppSecUSA 2012

by Jon Rose, Brett Hardin, Matt Konda,

Summary : Builders vs. Breakers is a fast paced highly interactive game show debate style talk. Each topic starts with a short introduction pitting the Builder vs. the Breaker. It is then opened up for audience participation. After taking views from the audience, the audience votes on a winner. Whichever side wins the debate is rewarded and the contest moves on to the next topic.
Our builder is a veteran software developer building security tools for developers. Our breaker is a seasoned pen tester with product management and research experience. Our game show host keeps the discussion moving smoothly ... and has been known to occasionally express the business perspective.
Questions for debate will be posted/gathered on google docs for preview and participation. Building on our fun experiences at DC20 SkyTalks and BSidesChicago 2011/2012 this talk is aimed at getting the audience involved and ultimately thinking about contributing to the broader community.