IOS6 SECURITY presented at Breakpoint 2012

by Mark Dowd, Tarjei Mandt,

Tags: Exploitation iOS

Summary : In recent years, iOS security has become a hot topic, largely due to the unprecedented popularity of Apple iDevices. One of the major exploitation targets within iOS that has received a significant amount of public scrutiny is the kernel, as it encapsulates the security extensions that govern access to the device. A variety of kernel exploits have been publicly released that employ relatively simple attack methodologies, largely due to the fact that very few kernel-level exploit mitigation technologies have been put in place. Apple has addressed this problem in iOS 6 with the addition of a variety of kernel hardening technologies that are intended to thwart popular exploitation strategies that are typically used by attackers. This presentation introduces these technologies, discusses their impact and effectiveness against popular attack methodologies, and also outline their limitations (where appropriate). It is hoped that attendees will gain an understanding of the current state of iOS kernel exploitation, what techniques have been rendered useless, and the kinds of techniques that will need to be employed in future kernel-level exploits.