doubt, deceit, deficiency & decency - a decade of disillusionment presented at CounterMeasure 2012

by James Arlen,

Tags: Security

Summary : "Waking up with the sudden and shocking realization that I cannot escape the feeling that I have wasted a decade of my life. I am an infosec professional and I've been doing the best job that I can. Except nothing works right. Have I really wasted a decade? Can I prove myself wrong? Through a mixture of news stories, teachable moments, hard-won experience and perhaps an interpretive dance you will be taken on a journey of maturity and self-discovery an examination and ultimately a determination on one information security professional's decade of trying to make a difference. (NOTE: Due to union regulations there shall be no interpretive dance.) (NOTE 2: This is technically a cyber-finance and cyber-critical cyber-infrastructure talk, you can totally claim the CPEs for it.)"