Alternative internet presented at Hacktivity 2012

by Lszl Bir,

Tags: Security

Summary : Internet is a great source of information and has enormous organizing and mobilizing power. On the other hand, the moderns, commercialized internet is more vulnerable than the original one because the international connections concentrated to switching centres like BIX. If one of them stops the international access will degrade and in case all switching centres fall out the whole network will almost be dead. What can we do?
How can we replace the official grid of telecommunication providers with HAM radio grids? X25 communication is a daily routine for amateur radio stations: the name of implementation is AX25 (A stands for Amateur and signs that there is no QoS in this protocol) and does not need special modems anymore. How can we extend this technique to the TCP world? Which problems should we cope with? This presentation does not want to be a cookbook; it only wants to be a brain teaser.