Amy Farrah Fowler, or the geek girl's case with the tiara presented at Hacktivity 2012

by Judit Varga,

Tags: Security

Summary : "I've spent my past years digging into the media representation of the geek-nerd subculture.
Now, as a step forward, I'm interested in a smaller group: the role of women among them. In the IT, women pop up only once in a blue moon, but why? Nowadays most girls carry a smaller tech shop with themselves, so why do they become a spectacle when they turn towards the mysteries of hacking? What's society's definition of the nerd girl, and how do they distinguish themselves?
Could we overcome Ada Lovelace, the first known nerd girl, or did we get to a point where women in technology should decide from becoming a tomboy or a helpdesk assistant? In the media, we see both, but where is the balance between Amy from the Big Bang Theory wearing a tiara and the professional attitude of Joanna Rutkowska?
Watch the talk and get to know: do virtual witches grow on directory trees?"