Give me a phone that cant be traced presented at Hacktivity 2012

by Domonkos Tomcsanyi,

Tags: Security

Summary : You know this line from every second movie: the main character is being chased by the bad guys but he wants to call the love of his life, who is just 3 miles and many gunshots away from him, but he needs to avoid being located by the maffia whom he forgot to give back the money he owes them.
So the question arises: is it possible to get a phone that is connected to the network and could call/receive calls but it is still not possible to locate the phone on the map? In a movie naturally yes but in reality? Assume you have access to all equipment the police and the operator has, would you say it is still possible to hide? In the first part of my talk I will go through the basics of locating a phone using todays standard techniques, and then int he second part I will tell you how you still can get an untraceable cell-phone. If you can at all. Can you? J.
Of course I will include some live-demos to show you how I do it but I would also like to encourage you to challenge me by pointing out (if you find any) weaknesses in my theory and show that my phone can be found!